Mompreneurship is not the dream you thought it would be.

Learn the secrets to shift from burnout & overwhelm
to productivity & balance.

The constant burnout and fatigue are not why you signed up for the frum mompreneur journey.

You wanted freedom and flexibility, but you’re constantly frazzled and flying.

You wanted to be there for your kids, now you’re always sneaking in “just a quick email” when you’re with them.

I get it.

Hi, I'm Chana Greenstein,

work-life balance & productivity coach,
and host of the LifeWorks podcast.

And I resigned myself to that reality:

constantly choosing between my business or family as a priority,

thinking about and setting mental work reminders during family time,

not having time for everything I wanted to do,

because my business and family demanded a LOT.

"It'll be worth it! ten years."

That's what I told my husband to console him, when I worked harder than I ever wanted to, more hours than I should’ve, during times that I should’ve been spending with my family.

But I had “chosen my hard,” right?

You’ve probably come to accept this too.

Believing that choosing to own a business means you have to contend with

constant overwhelm,

hamster wheel exhaustion,

monthly burnout,

zero social life,

sinking guilt.

It's not true.

I’ve made shifts that enable me to live (I can’t believe I’m saying this, and MEANING IT!) my dream life.

I work less, but make more.

I’ve stopped asking “what ball will I drop today?” and instead wonder “how do I have it all?”

I have time, energy, and focus to invest seriously in my business growth, hang out with my family, pursue the hobbies I dreamed of taking up, and host community events.

You'll find me busting myths about work-life overwhelm
wherever frum mompreneurs hang out.

In my new reality, I was able to

launch a podcast,

start making challah,

and join a rigorous twice-weekly workout class…

Because I've learned that I can have it all.

…all in the same week.
(And I’ve kept it up since then — it’s been over a year.)

I know what you’re thinking:

“Cute. But that can’t happen to me. My life is REALLY crazy.”

Then you’re exactly
where I was

before I gained the tools that enable me to be more productive and efficient, have more of what I want, and stay in balance through all the ups and downs of life.

I’ve created a center to come back to, with tools to make navigating the craziness of life simply easier.

I want you to know that you CAN have it too.

I’m not promising that life will be calm, I’m promising that you will be able to handle it BETTER.

You will tackle your to-do list more efficiently and feel more




When you fall out of balance (we all do!) you’ll know how to get back into it.

Every aspect of my life has changed with the tools and mindset shifts I’ve implemented.

I’ve shared them with other mompreneurs, and they have seen massive changes from small tweaks they made.

“I've made real changes in my life.”
Before I joined LifeWorks, I was unsure if I should try it. I've self-educated enough about work-life balance that I was wondering if I'd gain anything practical out of this. Looking back, I am so happy I joined. I love the feeling of togetherness on Slack. And I've made small  — but real — changes in my life. These were things I had been meaning to do, but I needed the push of having others cheer me on for doing them.
“I think the main thing I'm learning is that change CAN happen… and it really is happening to me.”
I find the balance between being a mom and a busy business owner to be really tricky. I really feel like this movement is making a big difference in my life and I can't thank you enough. I think the main thing I'm learning is that change CAN happen. And it is really happening to me. I took my own personal actions, like going to sleep earlier, going on a five minute walk in the middle of the day, or freshening up with makeup and a sheitel after putting the kids to sleep. The class motivated me to make small changes that I felt like I needed for more productive, wholesome days.

I know your life can change in the same way, and I want you to learn tips and tools that will enable you to experience it too.

Tips like the one that enabled a business owner to cut back her workweek by 6 hours:

Tools that helped my coaching client, Sara Shaindel, to:

shift from feeling completely out of control and swamped by her work, to accomplishing everything she wanted to in one day:

This year,
you committed to…

“be fully present at work, and fully present at home” and

“be there more for my kids” and

“keep Mommy time as Mommy time — no emails allowed.”

We all know how far that’ll go without a plan — and you know how much support for those goals will help.

It's Q4 — the perfect time (and last chance!) to achieve those goals this year.

And this is your opportunity:

Start your journey towards a life where the
juggle isn’t a struggle,
where you have MORE
more joy, calm, and balance.

“I am learning to reorganize the way I work so I can achieve more in less time.”
Before I joined LifeWorks, I was hesitant. You know, with shiny object syndrome and all, I wanted to make sure I was choosing wisely. Well, here I am, loving every second of being part of *a great group of women who are working towards the same goal.* That in itself makes the whole program worthwhile for me. At the same time, I am learning to reorganize the way I work so I can achieve more in less time.
- Chani Krausz, Write It Marketing

What's Inside:

Monthly masterclasses on relevant topics

Get insight and direction on topics like:

why “you can’t have it all” is a toxic mindset

how to enjoy hanging out with your kids when you just want to be clacking at your keyboard

managing maternity leave — before, during, and after

setting up your inbox and project flows for maximum efficiency

how to stop conditioning your clients into stressing you out

AND ask me anything at the end of each session.

Bonus content — to support you on your journey to productivity and work-life balance.

Including worksheets, roundtable discussions, ask-me-anything sessions, quick tips, How I Hack this series, guest experts, Make the Change action steps, and additional bonus content.

(Virtual) Tea Times

Post your questions, SOS queries, and latest dilemmas in Slack and get my insight and answers during my regular check-ins.

Access to an exclusive community of women seeking balance

Ask, share, and celebrate each other in a community of women on a mission just like yours.

Connect with women striving towards the same goals (of balance and ease) — and dealing with the same struggles: kids on Zoom calls, juggling cooking and clients, and days full of business- and block-tower building.

Get their insight into work/life balance dilemmas, laugh at the stories only we get, and support each other through the juggling.

Ask the experts

Get a heads up on who will be guesting on the LifeWorks podcast so you can submit questions and get expert insight on the air.

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‍10 months, more than 30 women, too many wins to count

"I have a feeling I might be able to swing it by working 4 hours, 4 days a week."
"The boost in the right direction and the actionable tips and tricks (like time blocking, OMG amazing!) are taking my life — and biz — to the next level. In fact, I wanna explore a bit and see if it’s really true that in order to hit 7 figures you need to work many more hours than I really do. Cuz I have a feeling I might be able to swing it by working 4 hours, 4 days a week.”

You’re ready to start the journey towards more productivity, peace of mind, and balance

because your current reality is just not sustainable.

But first you want to know…

Is this really the thing I need? There are so many programs out there that make grandiose promises… why should I choose this one?

Because I’m not making any grandiose promises. 😉 I do offer intensive programs — 1:1 coaching and a mastermind — but I get that not everyone is ready for such a rigorous program + steep investment, and that’s why I created LifeWorks Empowered. It’s a small investment of your time — monthly classes, quick visits to our community to drop questions, share your insight, and support our community — but it’s small, effective shifts that will make a difference in your life. 

Because really, there are small shifts you need to make for big ROI and payoffs. 

What’s different about this program is that we’re treating the core issue. We’re not bandaging stress or working with your life as it is. We’re changing things from the bottom up.We’re digging deep into the structure and beliefs of your schedule, productivity, the way you experience time and juggle your roles as mommy and business owner to make real changes that will impact your entire life in a very real way.

I’m on a mission to bring Mommies home. To afford you the brain space, focus, and presence you need that will enable you to come home with more energy, patience, and headspace for your family — and yourself.

How will I hold myself accountable? I know what I should be doing, but I just don’t implement.

You answered your own question: you don’t implement and there’s a really good reason for that. It might be your beliefs around time, it might be a lack of motivation, but inside LWE you get this: radical mindset shifts around time that society doesn’t want you to know because you WILL make them feel inadequate, motivation of an entire group supporting you and checking in with you to keep you moving towards your goals, and tools that have been tried, tested, and tweaked to be practical for frum women making Shabbos every week, taking care of kids, and running a business.

I’m a frum mom running a business, I have an insane amount of stuff to get done. I NEED to hustle.

Nope, you don’t. You DO need to ensure you’re not shirking any responsibilities and that means you need to get a LOT done. It doesn’t mean that you have to constantly be spinning your wheels playing catch up, feeling behind, drained, or overwhelmed. There are other ways to get everything done — ways that honor you and your needs, that nurture you and keep you balanced — and that’s exactly what I want to show you.

How do I get my husband to buy in? He thinks “you don’t need another Slack group, you just need to do it!”

You know how your husband loves when you go to a shiur with friends, or join a workout class because you come home happier and more relaxed?

We work towards getting you happier and more relaxed all day, every day. 

“Just stop procrastinating!” It sounds simple, right? But at the end of the day, have you really stopped procrastinating? Have you really been able to maximize your time and stop saying “no” to yourself? Have you been able to fully focus at work and get present at home?

Yeah, I thought so. 

It’s not because there’s something wrong with you. It’s because you’re a human and a product of our society. You need something more. You need to break out of toxic beliefs around time and have friends holding you accountable for your goals. You need cheerleaders supporting you and practical tools that HELP you “just stop procrastinating.”

You get all of that inside.

Can I easily cancel if it’s not for me?

We request that you give the program a 3-month shot so you have the opportunity to fully experience what it has to offer. After that, yes, you can easily cancel at any time.

And once you’re in, your membership renews monthly at the rate you signed up for, for life. Even as the prices rise, your payments don’t.

If you cancel and want to rejoin, you’ll pay the current price for the membership at the time that you sign up.

Will the masterclasses be recorded?

YES. And you have access to previous content and recordings on a 3-month rolling schedule. That's enough time for you to catch up on something you missed... and enough to motivate you to listen before they disappear.
PLUS, it means that when you join LWE you get access to the previous 3 months' content, free :)

Have a question not answered here? I’m on standby to answer it!

“…it's possible to work ONLY when I want, and earning is not relative to time.”
I've been gaining so much! Something huge I learned is that it's possible to work ONLY when I want, and earning is not relative to time. (Which I always knew, but never acted on.) I implemented time blocking big time, and I now have time for so many extras, like Zumba, hosting on Shabbos, and organizing. I even made challah for the first time since I had my last baby!
- Gitty Wachsman, founder of NeuroClinic
“I'm so glad I made the choice to join.”
Now that I'm in LifeWorks for (almost!) a full month, I look back, and I'm so glad I made the choice to join. I'm absorbing so much from everyone, and I'm experiencing a real mindset shift. One point that struck me was the concept of setting up my work in a way that I'm not getting paid for my time. Simple — yet genius.
- Bluma Gordon

I want you to say yes to yourself.

I know that the tools, support of women on the same journey, and mindset shifts will change everything for you.

I’ve seen my life — and the lives of so many women around me — transform.
I can’t wait for you to experience the same!

Get access to

Monthly masterclasses on relevant topics + ask me anything, live

Virtual tea times

Supportive community of like-minded women

Bonus supportive content

Insider info so you can ask the experts


Your LifeWorks Empowered membership kicks off January 1st.

Sign up during the giftaway (through Sunday, Dec 4)
and get the Founding Members' Vault free, immediately.

For just about $1/day, get
steady support on your mompreneur journey,
and a constant drip of content to help you consistently uplevel
& keep you accountable to your goals.

“I was surprised at how many ideas were NEW to me — even though I have figured out a bunch of productivity/work-life hacks myself.”
I was so excited to hear what you have to share on productivity, time management, and getting that elusive sense of BALANCE. I was struggling with the fact that I work online, and I wanted to work faster and take less email/Slack breaks. The masterclass was JAM-PACKED with fabulous content! I was surprised at how many ideas were NEW to me — even though I have figured out a bunch of productivity/work-life hacks myself. I've deleted my work email from my phone and limited my email and browsing during work hours, which is allowing me to be more focused, more productive, and work less hours.
- r.s.

I know that now you can’t imagine adding another thing to your plate —

but that’s exactly why this is going to help you.

I’m surrounded by frum mompreneurs and so many of them are treading water (and not having fun doing it). I know that it doesn’t need to be this way, and I want to make sure everyone knows it too.

I really want you to clear up headspace and energy, and accomplish the goals you have for

your business,

your family,


in a way that brings you fulfillment and joy.

I’m building a circle of driven women ready to shift out of overwhelm into more joy, peace, and energy…
and I’d love to have you!

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