Knowledge is (sales increasing) power.

Get knowledge-driven copy for
dynamite sales power.

When your marketing is fueled by knowing
  • Your offer’s ultimate benefit

    How you give clients better versions of themselves

  • Your target market’s biggest frustrations

    What they’d pay all the money in the world to fix

  • The make-me-tick words that get the Amex out

    What moves them through the funnel — right up to the sale

It's explosive.

You need more than "just some copy."
(You need some of that sales dynamite.)

Because your business is not just a business.

It’s your blood-sweat-and-tears, up-PAST-3-am, fingers-crossed-prayers-sent,
biggest-dream baby business.

So your business needs better.

Better than....

Copy that doesn’t give your brand a voice

Your business has a voice, and your marketing has to speak in it.

Generic, unrecognizable marketing

You’re different — better than the competition. You need your copy to be too.

Unsure of itself, unconvincing copy

You’ve got a life-changing, worth-double-the-money offer. You need your copy to show it off!

You’re ready to get the word out…
In a way that gets the sales in.

You're ready for something fresh

You need:

  • Sales-boosting, results-driven strategy 

    because sounding good is … good, but your bottom line is what MATTERS

  • Ocean-floor-deep research 

    to uncover *exactly* what your prospects need to hear and get copy that’s primed to perform

  • Dynamic, on-brand copy

    jargon-free and fun-to-read to win your business fans, clients, and ka-chings

You need Signature Copy.

Hi! I'm Chana,

  • Writer at heart

  • Research-a-holic

  • Consistent overperformer

...and getting you business-boosting Signature Copy makes me kid-on-the-last-day-of-school excited.

Your business needs

Boutique-level services with a single point of contact for laser-focused attention.

so you don’t have to chase multiple agency-employees, fight for priority, or remind the team which business you own

A smooth and reliable process with dependable turnaround, constant updates, and steady communication

so you never have to wonder if the copy’ll ever hit your inbox, or where the project is holding, anyway

Project management
from start to finish

so you don’t have to gather the research or nudge the project to the next step

Passion + vigor
for your project

so it shows in vibrant, energy-infused writing that’s supremely well done (because I’m too jazzed up to just get it done.)

From someone who's...
  • Conversion copy trained and certified — and always upleveling my skills

  • Gonna hit the backspace key a million times until your copy’s just right

  • Got a run-with-it attitude, to turn your kernel of an idea into a poppin’ masterpiece

  • A business owner, too. ‘Nuff said. (I get the passion, investment, need-to-succeed and I’ll apply it to all the work I do for you)

You could get all that.

And it takes just one click to get started.


“Took our brand to a whole new level”

Chana will get you concise, engaging copy … and she’s so easy and pleasant to work with! She made sure to understand the client voice and nailed it, with professional copy that’s still engaging and easy to read. Her polished, client-centered web copy took our brand to a whole new level of professionalism and legitimacy. She gets what the client needs and totally understood our goal and requests. And she’s obviously working with a science — her copy process is so organized and methodical.

Joel Friedman, Summit Care Financial Services

You’re ready for game-changing, winning Signature Copy.

Now what?
Here’s what we’re gonna do:

Get on a get-to-know call (aka an on-the-house consult).
We’ll talk about your business and needs, address any questions you’ve got (fire away!), and determine which copy package is best for you — and which customizations will optimize it even more. 

If we’re a match it’s on to the next step! (after the glass-clinking, of course)

Get official
A neat proposal and contract will arrive in your inbox to make your project “for real.”

Once that’s signed and a 50% deposit is received...

Get going!
We’ll kick it off with a 60-minute discovery call so I can get acquainted with all aspects of your business.

Get digging 
I’ll start digging to discover everything we need to know, with research including...

  1. 1.   Customer interviews
  2. 2.  Competitors’ analysis
  3. 3.   Survey response reviews
  4. 4.   Data mining

All that’s ^^^ gonna help me craft strategic, results-oriented copy.
(And that’s all I’m willing to deliver.)

Get writing!
I’ll start banging out the copy that’s fresh, engaging, and on-brand — and (always, always)

  1. ✔   Driven by research
  2. ✔   Crafted using VOC
  3. ✔   Persuasion-principles based
  4. ✔   Strategically effective

Get a peek!
You’ll check out the first draft (while I take a breather. Whew.) and submit any revisions requests. (We’ll repeat this step for a second round of revisions if necessary.)

Get polishing
I’ll implement your revisions and integrate feedback to get your copy to that just-what-I-wanted level of wow.

Get it designed
I’ll work with the design team to provide direction, guidance, and feedback to ensure the design strategically complements the copy. 

Get compliments, clients, (and cha-chings!)
Set your copy to work for you.

Want a smooth and reliable process, that makes getting awesome copy easy
(and even … fun)?

Let's get started.